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4 Great Custom Trophy Ideas

If you are searching to add a personal touch towards the awards you plan at hand out, look no further than custom trophies. Customization is essential when you want to award trophies which are truly unique and priceless.

Here is the good news: There are many online custom trophy makers that can create the awards of the dreams-big and small! When you can dream it, odds are, they can make it. Plaque

What kinds of Custom Trophies are Available?

Like mentioned previously, if you're able to create the trophies in your head, there are designers on the market who can replicate your thinking.

Custom trophy shops make it their business to help you design the perfect awards to your team members, scholastic achievers, tournament winners, group participants, or whomever you have in mind. Some great examples are:

1) Custom Trophy Belt Buckles

There are specific online sites where you can actually build trophy buckles in your own specifics.

For example, let's say you are in charge of finding the perfect awards for the winners of a local rodeo. Well, the internet makes it possible to design belt buckles with pictures, engravings, colors and much more.

Plus, you can also choose which kind of metals you would like to use-gold, silver, bronze or pewter. The sky is the limit!

2) Football Trophies

Design cups, mantle pieces, bobble heads or whatever you like online!

As an example, let's say you are a football coach scouting the web for the best trophies for the winning team members. You are able to design awards the same shape as footballs.Custom Trophies

You can also decide if you would like these awards to make from materials for example resin, metal, enamel, plastic, or perhaps sparkling crystal!

3) Baseball Trophies

Trophies and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly. No baseball season is complete without the awards ceremony.

When you choose your custom baseball awards, for any Little League team for instance, keep in mind all of the players deserve trophies, not only the best players.

Youngsters are impressionable. You want to teach these young players that good sportsmanship and a love for the sport are just as important as winning.

So, simply develop a bunch of trophies using categories such as: 'Best Attitude', 'Most Improved', 'Best Sportsmanship', 'Fastest Runner', etc.

Then, purchase small, inexpensive trophies to complement the categories. And don't forget the engraving! That's extremely important, too. There are great sources online for memorable quotes you can use along with the date, player's name, team name and award type.

4) Scholastic Achievements Awards

If you are looking to reward students for scholarly accomplishments, why not design custom medals of these special children to wear? Just imagine their faces beaming with pride as hang these engraved Medals of Honor around their necks!
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